Security Assessment

A House of Techs representative will come to your place of business and utilize our powerful  tools to provide and in-depth security Assessment


Security Assessment

There is a long list of reasons why you want to do Security assessments peridocly , and an equally long list of reasons why you should. An increasing number of organizations are bound by governmental regulations that dictate what security measures you should have in place and how they should be audited. HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley all dictate how to secure different types of data and the systems that manage it. They also require regular security posture assessments, though they vary on specific requirements and time frames.

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Security Assessment 

The House of Techs Solutions Security Assessment Overview 

Our security assessments are designed specifically to meet regulatory requirements and address the needs of any size organization. To determine the adequacy of your existing security controls and to identify security deficiencies, our seasoned security experts will conduct a thorough examination of your IT infrastructure. The assessment includes manual false positive reduction services and vulnerability analysis to determine severity, and a best-practice review. 

The assessment process is managed through the company’s cloud-based software solution, allowing you convenient access to a variety of tools that can be used to continuously assess the three core components of your information security program – people, processes, and technology. 

A security assessment that is conducted remotely includes: 

  • Internal and external port scan 
  • Internal and external network vulnerability scan 
  • Asset classification assistance 
  •  Setup, implementation and access to vulnerability management, ticketing and reporting capabilities 
  • Network vulnerability review (false positive reduction of scan data through a manual third-party review) 

Ensuring you have a secure environment is essential to protecting your company’s data and personnel information. At House of Techs solution, we recognize that physical security as well as hardware/software security are crucial to ensuring you meet the security requirements outlined by governing bodies and your own policies to protect company data. Our experienced teams perform a top to bottom Security Assessment for your company, scrutinizing both physical and IT aspects of your environment when providing recommendations. 

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