Penetration Testing

A House of Techs representative will Help you decide if a Penetration test is right for your business and will it provide a worthy ROI.


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing entails exploiting the vulnerabilities to find out if unauthorized access or other malicious activity can be carried out. Penetration testing primarily includes application security testing and network penetration testing along with controls and processes pertaining to the networks and applications.

Detect and arrange security threats

Meet monitoring necessities and evade penalties

Circumvent the rate of network downtime

Protect customer loyalty and company image

Service disturbances and Security breaches are expensive

Penetration Testing 

Trained House of Techs Solutions Pen Tester will  follow a systematic approach to evaluate your company’s network perimeter for points of potential exploitation. Additionally, a comprehensive analysis is performed on the internal systems & network components to ensure potential points of vulnerabilities are identified and rectified. 

Different Types of Penetration testing 

Network Penetration Testing — External or Internal 

Wireless Network Penetration Testing 

Web Application Penetration Testing 

Mobile Application Penetration Testing 

Physical Device Penetration Testing 

Social Engineering Penetration Testing 

IoT Penetration Testing 

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