Incident Monitoring, Detection and Response

A House of Techs representative will find intruders and retrace any signs of a breach and containing the threat and removing their foothold. 


Incident Monitoring, Detection and Response

Incident detection and response is the process of identifying security incidents or threats and acting quickly to address the potential issue. Security incidents can take many forms, but, in essence, it is a deviation from the organization’s security policy. Examples of security incidents are unusual traffic on an unsanctioned port, unauthorized access to a specific file share, or and range of other activities that violate an organization’s acceptable standard

Detect advanced security threats

Investigate suspicious activity

Monitor for unauthorized access

Meet compliance objectives

Develop Policies and C.E.R.T Team

Breach Monitoring & Detection 

Ensuring your network is under constant monitoring for indications of a direct or indirect Breach/Intrusion is essential to preventing loss of proprietary or PII data.  Studies have shown that the majority of breaches or intrusions are the result of vulnerabilities within a vendor or 3rd party provider’s infrastructure. 

With a proper vendor management system & monitoring and alerting in place, you greatly decrease the potential for an incident impacting your day to day operations. House of Techs’s NOC (Network Operations Center) provides 24/7 monitoring & notification in the event of an identified breach. 

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