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A House of Techs representative will come to your place of business and utilize our powerful Network scanning tools to give your network and computer systems a “health check”. We will discover issues that need to be addressed, uncover security risks that can bring down a business, and generate a report that is yours to keep!


Discover ways to Improve your network.

Network assessment is a term that refers to various things in the context of network devices. It could mean the analysis of such network devices to find which devices are obsolete. It could also refer to the assessment of network performance, a review of network architecture, a security assessment of network devices (including security compliant configuration, bugs, vulnerabilities etc). The term network assessment could also be used to refer to the network inventory used to discover what network devices are running on the network. The definition of network assessment could also include applications, servers, operating systems

Assess Equipment/Recommend important upgrades that will help your business

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Customize a solution for your business

Cost of downtime risk assessment

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